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High quality illustration of the graphic novel My Girl: Nano Alchemist. This beautiful watercolor of New Haven City, is painted on heavy weight, cold-pressed paper.  The size is circa 11" x 8", and each illustration is signed and numbered. *The store's watermark will be removed before printing.* Free shipping. Ships within 14 business days to United States addresses only. $45.

* New Haven City *

* My Girl: Nano Alchemist *

​Blaze Shauni is a sixteen-year-old fugitive with the ability to control nature. However, her camera and sketchbook journal are her most powerful weapons against a government that takes the term "oppression" to the ultimate extreme; murder! Shauni hopes to somehow sneak her journal to the outside world in order to find help for her race, the Nano Alchemists, who are being killed by the government for possessing hybrid powers.

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