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We create unique and special gifts

for girls and ladies.

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* I bought the hand painted Diana Ross guitar. Great gift for myself and the shop has great customer service. - Tracey

* Awesome job and great customer service. - Charity

The Shorty Gul Art Shop is a whimsical gift shop for girls and ladies. Our entire collection is handcrafted by professional lady artisans. This is because we are deeply inspired by strong-willed women; particularly those who have overcome difficult situations. 

* Adorable artwork and great craftsmanship! I wish they had a larger variety of items, but the shop is still growing. Can't wait to see what they make in the future.

- Jamie

* Super cute items and everything I ordered was wonderfully made. I'll definitely shop here again.

- Stephanie

* Absolutely beautiful shop! Very professional ladies. Thank you.

- Hattie

* Ordered some picture frames. The product was packaged well and shipped within a few days. Much faster than the 7 to 14 day listing. I asked would it take that long to ship before and was told no it wouldn't but that they give themselves that much time since everything in the shop is either hand painted or hand crafted. Cool. I glad it actually ships faster.

- Rachel

 The Shorty Gul Art Shop

I love working in my garden and immersing myself in nature. It's the best therapy for a calm soul. In Hebrew my given name, Shana, means rose. In Arabic, my artist name, Shorty Gul, means little rose. I named my business The Shorty Gul Art Shop because it's an whimsical collection of nature inspired artwork.

Our passion is sharing their stories with our customers through the soft silky textures of our textiles and the vibrant patterns of our furniture, each representing a unique piece of art for you to take home. 

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