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Personalized extra large reborn baby gift basket and crib. This basket contains my best gift items to welcome home your new reborn baby. Set contains:

* one basket that doubles as a sleeping crib (10" x 18" x 24")

* three cloth diapers

* one stuff animal

* two hypo-allergenic faux feather pillows

* two hand sewn blankets

* one swaddle blanket

* two monogrammed towels

* one crochet outfit (hat, top, bottom, shoes

* one reborn baby care kit

Please provide the size (in inches) of your reborn and correct spelling of his or her name when ordering so that we can personalize the basket. Also, please let me know what color and animal theme you would like me to use. Free shipping. Ships within 14 business days to United States Addresses only. $250.

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Reborn baby dolls are sculpted and painted by individual artists to look and feel like real babies. They are a favorite item amongst doll collectors.

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